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Strikers Edge To Be Showcased at GameLab Barcelona

After showcasing Strikers Edge at E3 in LA where the game was presented to press and YouTubers on Sony PlayStation Talents private event, developer Fun Punch has happily announced Strikers Edge will be showcasing at GameLab Barcelona at Sony’s PlayStation Talents Booth where any visitor will be able to pick-up and play a new build already integrating feedback gathered from E3.

The build presented at GamesLab will showcase the 2vs2 combat mode for the first time, with specifically designed arenas where players can master their gameplay with defense and attack tactics in frenetic co-op action.

The new build is also the first to present the gameplay and controls that will be present on the final release of the game. Every character now has a Special and an Ultimate. Controls also evolved since E3 with a tweaked target and aim system that makes the game easier to pick-up yet still hard to master.

The presence at GameLab marks the beginning of summer public events around Europe for developer Fun Punch. Up to September, Fun Punch will be showcasing Strikers Edge on many events always adding new content and features as the release date comes closer. In August the game will also be available to play in GamesCom at the Indie Booth.

While we wait for the public appearance season for Strikers Edge to begin, Fun Punch has released multiple images from GameLab’s Barcelona 2vs2 demo build.

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Filipe Caseirito, lead programmer and game creator says: “Going to GameLab in Barcelona with the local multiplayer 2vs2 mode ready is a big step further for us”; “We are developing at full speed with new implementations and features long planned finally getting implemented and ready for testing”.

Tiago Franco, lead artist and game creator also says: ”Just 2 weeks after E3 being at GameLab Barcelona with new art and gameplay is a major step forward in the development of Strikers Edge”; “We hope to get a lot of valuable input from this experience.“

Strikers Edge is an intense, action-packed, online multiplayer ranged combat game, where you play as an ancient warrior, available on PC and PS4 later this year. You can play online or locally as one of eight unique strikers across 4 different arenas. Climb the ranked online ladder, achieve greatness and be the top striker!

What do you think? Are you happy to see that Strikers Edge ill be making numerous appearances in the near future?