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Space Ribbon, A Psychedelic Space Racer For PC, Mac and Linux.

Space Ribbon

Onteca Ltd has announced its next game, Space Ribbon, a unique car race game for distribution on PC, Mac and Linux. Space Ribbon is an Early Access game available on Steam. The year is 2132. In the far reaches of the galaxy, gigantic space creatures have been discovered. Creatures that vomit solid matter out of their mouths. Solid matter that is the perfect substance to drive super retro space cars in a race to enter the creature’s mouth. We call it the Space Ribbon. In the fastest growing sport in the galaxy, be the first to chase down a giant space beast as it spews a completely different psychedelic racetrack out of its mouth every time you play. Modify junked up classic cars and turn them into the fastest in space.

Space Ribbon Features

  • Never the same track twice!
  • Intelligent track generation combines procedural AI with great track design
  • Navigate a twisting, turning, unpredictable racetrack as it appears ahead of you.
  • Race your friends with up to 4 Player split-screen.
  • 2 classes of car, with 4 in each class, each with different strengths.
  • Level up your racer to unlock new and harder race modes including cosmic mode.
  • Unlock new cars and upgrades to improve engine, grip and slipstreaming.

Onteca are a British game studio with a passion for making indie games that stand out by being eccentric, original and highly memorable. Onteca’s team have many years of game development experience, some of which working for major studios such as Sony and LucasArts, but live and breathe the indie game developer ethic. People often describe Onteca games as ‘trippy’ but they can’t see why chasing a giant retro panda through space in retro refitted classic cars is odd.

Space Ribbons can be found on Windows, Mac and Linux as an Early Access Release game on Steam. The game releases on for $15.