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RIVE Silently Delayed For Both The Xbox One And WiiU.


In today’s new Character Trailer, we were introduced to Roughshot, the space scavenger at the center of RIVE’s story, as well as DLL, your robotic guide, or perhaps adversary? It is not important because there is something else that caught our attention. Earlier in the week, it was announced that the WiiU version of RIVE would be delayed, possibly even cancelling the game for WiiU in favor of a release on Nintendo’s NX console next year. What was never announced was that the Xbox One version of the game has been delayed too.

Here at Next On Gaming, we noticed that the newest trailer made no references to neither the Xbox One nor the WiiU versions of the game. The absence of any Xbox One references on the trailer caught us by surprise since there has not been any kind of announcement regarding delays for the Xbox One version of the game. Perhaps it was a simple mistake?

Upon further investigation, we discovered that the developer of RIVE, Two Tribes, lists both the Xbox One and WiiU versions of the game as coming out “later.”

RIVE Later
Steam and PS4 are still on track for the September release, both the Xbox One and WiiU versions appear as “later.”


Additionally, when visiting the game’s website, all references to the WiiU and Xbox One versions of RIVE have been removed. This has lead us to believe that the developers have at least silently delayed the Xbox One version of the game in addition to the previously announced delayed WiiU version. While no official announcement has been made yet, it is safe to conclude the Xbox One version will not be releasing at the same time the PS4 and Steam versions of the game will.

The removal of all references about the Xbox One and WiiU versions from both the latest trailer and the game’s website gives us an uneasy feeling that both versions may not have been only delayed, but possibly cancelled too. We can only hope that both versions have only been delayed.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Has the game been cancelled or just delayed on both consoles?