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N-Game Studios And ArsLogica Announces New RPG, Devoid of Shadows.

Devoid of Shadows

N-Game Studios and ArsLogica have announced a new RPG. Devoid of Shadows is a darkest and cold role-playing adventure. You will make a journey through the magical Blood Labyrinth. No one has ever returned from there alive or sane. Labyrinth is a death trap even for “devoid of shadows.” That is how mortals named the vampires. You must become one of them!

In the game, you start as a fugitive, fleeing from killers in a coup d’état. But if you enter the labyrinth, you will change your destiny forever. Somewhere in the depths of the Labyrinth there exists a hidden source of ancient force that belonged to the ancestor of the entire vampire race.

Devoid of Shadows is a mix of old-school mechanics and modern trends. It is a rogue like role-playing game with randomly generated worlds. None of the adventures will ever be similar to each other. You have your own castle and workshops, as well as flexible character development system.

Devoid of Shadows Features:

Blood Labyrinth – In the Labyrinth, you can easily die or get cranky. And each the walkthrough will be unique due to the random level generation, creatures, treasures and items.

Vampire saga – Our vampires are not prone to sentimentality, do not wear sunglasses or long uncomfortable coats. They use blood magic, worship the Dark Gods, and revived after the death in a cozy coffin – with renewed strength and a thirst for blood…

Multi-layered plot – The deeper you descend into the Labyrinth, the more dark and ancient secrets are opened to you. With new knowledge comes the understanding that your personal problems really are not worth a broken tusk. And the Labyrinth – not what it seems… or than trying to seem…

Advanced crafting system – You can collect resources and recipes, destroying everything that will fall under the arm. You have your own castle and workshops: forge, a library, an alchemy lab, warehouse and even a carpentry workshop. You are bad vampire if you isn’t able to make a coffin, or carve aspen stake! Any object can create, enhance and enchant in three layers…

Role-playing system – Three classes of characters and dozens of different skills, the use and improvement of which is tied to the power of the blood. Yes, the same one that vampires take away from the defeated enemy. Our system of Weakness and Talents makes the death of the hero as an important element of character development. Therefore, leaving the castle you must be sure that you brought a comfortable coffin…

Devoid of Shadows is developed by N-Game Studios. The game is currently schedule to release early 2017.