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Hewson Consultants Present Hyper Sentinel. A Retro Inspired Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up.

Created by indie developer Jonathan Port, Hyper Sentinel will launch with a playable demo on Kickstarter this Friday 1st July, with the initial goal to bring the game to PC and iOS. Stretch goals include additional platforms, such as Android and console release, and exciting new features including ship & level editors and retro platform specific colour palettes. Available to play now on iOS (iPhone, iPad and AppleTV), the demo includes an innovative developer feedback system called 2Cents, which allows players to communicate with the developer directly from the game.

Featuring 12 action-packed levels, exciting power ups and epic boss battles, Hyper Sentinel is a super-slick, ultra-fast arcade shooter running at 60fps with explosive pixel-art visuals.

Andrew Hewson, Founder and Chairman of Hewson Consultants Ltd said, “When we met Jonathan Port for the first time, we thought – hugely talented coder, fantastic game, it’s just like the old days! It was immediately clear that Hyper Sentinel was a perfect fit for Hewson Consultants to publish for the world to enjoy”

Rob Hewson, CEO & Creative Director of Hewson Consultants Ltd continued, “Our ambition is to become ‘the’ retro games label, and Hyper Sentinel is the perfect launch pad. The partnership with Four5Six Pixel allows Jonathan to focus on creating the best game possible while we amplify its opportunity in the marketplace with the support of our fantastic retro gaming community.”

Jonathan Port, Founder of Four5Six Pixel commented, “I spent my childhood playing games published by Andrew Hewson and it’s fantastic to think that Hyper Sentinel will now stand alongside fondly remembered classics. I’m very proud of my game, and I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it”.

Other features of Hyper Sentinel include:
·         60 medals to complete
·         Online leaderboards
·         3 difficulty modes
·         Combo-chain score system
·         Heart-pumping SID-style chiptune soundtrack by FRACTURES