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Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 Receives Improvements In Newest Patch.

Developer Big Ant Studios has announced sweeping improvements and enhancements to their breakaway take on Lacrosse: Casey Powell’s Lacrosse.

The first substantial attempt to recreate one of America’s most culturally valuable sports, Casey Powell Lacrosse was already winning over fans of the sport with its precise and faithful recreation of the excitement of the game. Today, Big Ant has announced a host of updates and tweaks through a patch to improve the experience further.

Additions and changes made as part of the patch include:


·      Camera Switch option for multiplayer.
·      Added free roam mode to main menu.


·      Tuned sprint ability to sprint when button is pressed.
·      Tuned defensive pressure.
·      Tuned AI transition speed.
·      Tuned input selection after ball collect.
·      Tuned faceoff time length.
·      Tuned online player selection.
·      Tuned check spam exploits.
·      Tuned intercept distance.


·      Stability improvements.
·      Corrected lineup selection.
“We have been blown away by the positive response that Casey Powell Lacrosse has had,” Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant, said. “It just goes to show that if you respect the fans, and build a game with them in mind, they’ll support you in kind.”

Casey Powell Lacrosse is available now, and is on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.