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Tennis In The Face Announced For Xbox One.

Tennis In The Face

Indie developer 10tons has announced that Tennis in the Face will coming to Xbox One this December 9th, 2016. The game is priced at $4.99 USD, and a preorder with -10% discount (that’ll also run through December 15th as launch discount) is available starting today.

About Tennis In The Face:

Tennis in the Face is a hilarious physics based puzzle game, where a former tennis star Pete Pagassi must save the city from a corrupt energy drink manufacturer Explodz Inc. This is done by knocking out Explodz fueled goons in more than 120 levels. Tennis in the Face is the prequel to Baseball Riot, so fans of that game should definitely enjoy this! Differences between the games are found in scoring and Tennis in the Face also features two “ammo” types, tennis ball and Explodz can (which… explodz!). The Xbox One version of Tennis in the Face includes 24 new levels not found on other platforms.

Tennis In The Face Features:

  • Easy to pick-up bouncer gameplay.
  • Hilarious ragdoll characters.
  • Over 120 levels plus bonus game modes.
  • 15 rewarding achievements.

With the release of Tennis in the Face, 10tons will have released 6 games on the Xbox One in 2016. Previous titles 10tons have brought to the Xbox One include Xenoraid, Sparkle 2, Neon-Chrome, King Oddball, and Azkend 2: The World Beneath. The publisher has no plans on stopping Xbox One support any time soon and here are Next on Gaming we are exited to see what future games 10tons releases.