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Spheroids Coming Soon To PC And Consoles.


Do you remember Pang? Buster Bros. from the old arcade days? Didn’t you ever wish someone mixed that game with proper platforming mechanics? Eclipse Games did. The indie studio decided to take the matter into its own hands and build a game with that premise. The result: Spheroids.

In Spheroids you take control of Lucas, a jumpy Canadian boy who sets out on an adventure with his crazy scientist companion Otto after it’s discovered that the government has been hiding alternative universes from the cubic world they live in. Unfortunately, these alternative universes contain spheres that wish to turn everything round, so it’s up to Lucas to save the world from these dangerous aliens: the Spheroids!

The game has a planned release date of January 5th, 2017, for Wii U, Xbox One and Windows 10, and January the 10th for PS4 and PSVita (cross-buy). There is a 3DS version planned for release at some point later in the year. Spheroids is currently on Steam greenlight.

Spheroids Features:

  • Platformer with unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Story mode comprising of 32 levels in 8 different locations.
  • Great variety of enemies and gadgets to use against them.
  • Unique art-style that mixes pixel art with vector graphics.
  • Original soundtrack adapted to the 8 different locations in the game.

You can look forward to the release of Spheroids early next year in PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.