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Snow Moto Racing Freedom in Greenlight. Releasing in 2017 For PS4 and PC.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom

From the makers of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia comes Snow Moto Racing Freedom. An arcade Snow Mobile Racing game where you can roam around freely in the huge landscapes, compete in thrilling Snow Cross tournaments or just explore the maps to find those perfect spots to play around in.

Snow Moto Racing will be released during 2017, so far only announced for PS4 and now of course for PC. Snow Moto Racing Freedom features single player campaigns, split-screen and online multi-player racing for you to challenge your friends for the honor and bragging rights. The studio developing the game, Zordix, claims to have developed a new tech for snow never seen before that will bring a new level of immersion to Snow Mobile Racing games. From the look of the trailer, which we have embedded below for your viewing pleasure, the snow racing has intrigued our curiosity here at Next On Gaming.

About Snow Moto Racing Freedom

Experience the thrill of high speed in a winter wonder land. Ride in open vistas or in Snow Cross venues where control, reflexes and pure gut determines your success or failure. String stunts together in fantastic combinations to get boost and points for that last push past the leader.

In Snow Moto Racing Freedom we let you choose your own path and carve through a snow laden landscape for fun, honor and the thrill of climbing up to the No:1 spot on the podium. Progress through challenging tournaments to unlock better, faster and more fun Snow Mobiles so you can take on the next challenge in style.

Compete online and measure your skill against other players and find out if you have the right stuff for wiping out spectacularly in the snow and still laugh about it.


  • Interactive Snow Tech
  • 12 High-powered snowmobiles
  • 18 Championships
  • 40+ Tracks
  • Extensive Stunt System
  • Time Trials
  • 4-player Split Screen Racing
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Achievements
  • Ghosts in time trial
  • Replay Functionality
  • 4×4 km Vistas  (2.5×2.5 miles)

You can look forward to Snow Motor Racing Freedom to release sometime this year (2017) for both the PC and PS4. The game is already in the Steam Greenlight program.