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New Yooka-Laylee Trailer Released Featuring Shovel Knight.


Team17 and Playtonic Games have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing a whole host of new characters including a very special guest. Following the worldwide consumer premiere at the UK’s biggest games event, EGX, the all-new trailer focuses on the multitude of unique, colorful characters that inhabit the world of their hotly anticipated open-world platformer, Yooka-Laylee. Team17 and Playtonic Games have also revealed that they’ve teamed up with the talented Yacht Club Games to bring their eponymous hero Shovel Knight to Yooka-Laylee in a special guest appearance.

Among many other characters making an appearance within the new trailer are:

  • Capital B: Cunning executive Capital B is the CEO of diabolical corporation Hivory towers, which has recently joined forces with ingenious tech firm Quack Corp. Together, they’re about to launch their most devious scheme yet: To absorb all of the world’s books and take over the world!
  • Trowzer: The serpent salesman claims to be the most skilled and knowledgeable character in the game, though Laylee suspects he’s little more than a dodgy dealer. During their adventure, Yooka and Laylee can purchase advanced maneuvers from Trowzer’s travelling moves shop.
  • Dr. Quack: The former partner of Dr. Puzz, Quack’s increasingly wild experiments lead him down the path of corruption. Now fully clad in a not-so-hi-tech ‘bio-suit’, the ‘good’ doctor uses his scientific expertise to power up Hivory Towers’ Corplet employees.
  • Dr. Puzz: A hapless scientist who’s experience more than her share of tentacle ‘technical’ issues, Dr. Puzz will use her D.N.Ray to transform Yooka and Laylee into a plethora of crazy critters and help them on their adventure.

Players will get to meet Yooka, Laylee and the rest of Playtonic’s whacky cast of characters when Yooka-Laylee arrives in Q1 2017.