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New Wasteland 3 Screenshots And 3D Character Model Revealed.

Wasteland 3 NORAD

The Wasteland 3 developers have been busy at work and the fruits of their intense labor have begun to show. Today they have released several screenshots for the game and a 3D character model.

Two of the screenshots feature an area that seems to be named Snowblind. One of them is the crash place for an airplane where you are surrounded by huge scorpion-like machines equipped with machine guns. Another screenshot still in Snowblind features a burned down building that looks similar to the United States Capitol.

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A third screenshot features what appears to be a frozen cave setting where you may find yourself in a former NORAD base. The last screenshot features a desert like setting in a place called The Dunes Of Thought.

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Accompanying the screenshots, a 3D character model for Mister Funtimes was made public.

Wasteland 3 will be released on Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A concrete release date for the game has not been specified so far.