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Kung-Fu for Kinect Update 1.2 Released. Brings Elegant Improvements To The Game.

Kung-Fu for Kinect released less than one month ago, but indie developer Virtual Air Guitar Company is still working on improving the already great Kinect game. The following is the release notes for patch 1.2.

  • Improved somersault detection, especially at close quarters!
  • Better hit detection – no more missed punches!
  • Improved player movement – punches and especially kicks move you around better now. Combined with better somersaults, moving around levels is easier now.
  • Enemy dodges and blocks are shown – now it’s clear when smart enemies avoid your attacks.
  • Red Zombies are actually interesting now! After a triple combo, they fall back and perform a dangerous rage attack.
  • Kicks can now lift weaker enemies into the air!
  • Fixed bug where kicking across with your rear leg didn’t deal any damage.
  • Show “Hit harder!” when the game detects an attempt to punch that isn’t strong enough to deal damage.
  • Very short and very tall players are scaled slightly so they don’t have to punch upwards or downwards to reach enemies.
  • The totem pole in the Tribal Village level now shows that it needs to be zapped with lightning, in case the tutorial was missed.
  • When you hit an enemy with the Magic Bow, the distance is now shown.
  • Various minor visual improvements: Beefier effects for Ground Shaker and Damage Boost, Shadow Kuang explodes, etc.
  • Zombies now dig up from the ground so they don’t have to shamble so far to reach the player.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t proceed into gameplay on a blank profile after selecting Chapter 1: Play Comic and then pressing Back in the Select Difficulty menu.
  • Fixed bug where ninjas could get hit while supposedly dodging.
  • Fixed rare bug where enemies could sometimes warp several meters ahead.
  • Fixed bug where Health Bonus obelisks in Mushroom Forest I were placed in inaccessible locations.
  • It’s now possible to hit the Big Inkling Beast while it’s running.
  • Fixed bug where enemies wouldn’t spawn in the Tribal Village level.
  • Fixed bug in the menus where, if you moved your hand away immediately after pressing a button, the button press didn’t do anything even if it was visualized.

Currently, the Xbox One is going through an unusual period of Kinect interest that has seen a couple of Kinect games released in less than one month. Kung-Fu for Kinect released on June 24th, while FRU, developed by Through Games, released earlier this week on July 13th.