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IMGN.PRO Becomes Global Publisher Of Symmetry For PC And Consoles.


Polish Indie studio, Sleepless Clinic, has officially partnered with IMGN.PRO. The new partnership will allow Sleepless Clinic to focus on polishing Symmetry. At the same time, IMGN.PRO will serve as a worldwide publisher of their game. Symmetry is a 2D, time management game, with thriller/sci-fi elements.

Symmetry is set on desolate, outlandish and frozen planet. There, you will be responsible for survival of a group of castaways, scientists, who were attracted to the planet by mysterious signal. Your goal will be to repair their shuttle and survive in the unfavorable environment. But beware, a threat coming from an unknown force will try to affect every step you take.

Bartosz Moskala, from IMGN.PRO, had some words about the new partnership. “Cooperation with Sleepless Clinic is another milestone for us. We are really proud that we will be able to publish such a beautiful and engaging game. Symmetry will be our proposition for all fans of team management games with a serious vibe, such as ‘This War of Mine’ or ‘Sheltered’.” Symmetry is currently scheduled for a release on Q2, 2017, for PC and consoles.

Dariusz Leczycki, from Sleepless Clinic, had some words to share too. “Symmetry is our biggest project to this day and, as for such, we wanted to have a publisher who can not only take a business part of the publishing process, but can also be our partner in matter of finalizing development, porting the game for consoles, and releasing it on global markets. With IMGN.PRO on board, I can assure you that SYMMETRY is on excellent path to be released in its full potential. The natural benefits of the cooperation come also from the fact that both companies are established in the same city, Bielsko-Biala”.

Main features Of Symmetry:

  • Beautiful 2D graphic design.
  • Eight different members of the crew, from which player can control four characters at a time.
  • Control your team members, take care of their needs and develop their abilities.
  • Gather resources.
  • Upgrade your base.
  • Discover the history behind the mission and try to survive

Look forward to Symmetry launching sometime next year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.