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Former BioShock Infinite Engineers Form Disbelief LLC To Help Ship Great Games


Disbelief LLC, announced that it has assembled a team of highly seasoned engineers, ready to help put extra horsepower into PC, console, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences. Formed from the core technology team behind BioShock Infinite at Irrational Games and John Woo Presents Stranglehold at Midway Games, Disbelief is experienced in game creation from concept to ship.

Behind every beautiful vista, carefully scripted plot twist, or compelling design mechanic, games are powered by extremely sophisticated pieces of software. Creating this software, optimizing performance and rooting out bugs is difficult work. “Whether a big or small team, homebrew engine or off the shelf, all games face technical challenges,” said Disbelief’s CTO Steve Anichini. “Our deep technical knowledge helps our clients focus on what makes their experiences unique, rather than getting bogged down in technical problems.”

With the cost of game development skyrocketing, it has become common practice for studios to bring on additional expertise to help ship games, especially when targeting multiple hardware platforms.

“The manpower needed at the beginning of development is vastly different than the manpower needed toward the middle and end of the development cycle,” Disbelief’s President Steve Ellmore said. “Our team is made up of veteran developers with experience shipping award-winning games. By employing our deftness and know-how in game creation wherever they’re needed, we help companies produce better end results in a more cost effective manner.”

Since its inception in 2014, Disbelief (which was originally called “CodeBeast”) has been credited on games such as Borderlands : The Handsome Collection, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Oculus Dreamdeck. Disbelief is currently working with Microsoft on the upcoming, and highly anticipated Gears of War 4.